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Red wine on your table cloth?
Sprinkle on a liberal amount of table salt to absorb the stain.

Scratches on your glass table?
Toothpaste rubbed lightly will remove surface scratches.

Dust in the crevices of your wood furniture or stairs?
Dip a medium toothbrush in wood oil and brush in the crevices. Always protect the surrounding areas from drips.

Dust and grime on your mini blinds ?
In a pail of warm water put several drops of dish soap. Put a cotton sock on each hand and run them along either side of the blinds.
Repeat the process with vinegar and water for clean streak free blinds.

Pet hair on fabric ?
Put on rubber cleaning gloves and run your hand over the surface. The hair come off much easier than vacuuming.

Stale food odour in the microwave?
Put a quarter of a cup of white vinegar in a mug and set on high for 60 seconds. Wipe out the steam with a clean damp cloth.

Other helpful tips:

- Always clean from the top down and make beds before dusting and vacuuming.

- Vacuum instead of sweeping where possible, it prevents the dust from going into the air and settling back on surfaces.

- Empty your vacuum container after each use and clean the attachments.

- Most importantly! Maintain a routine so you always have a clean well organized home.


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